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Contributions from Mr. Pat Russell on Pembroke Farmers Club


Pembroke Farmer's Club is the second oldest in the UK, older than the Royal Agricultural Society of England and even older than the Royal Welsh. It was formed after the Pembrokeshire Agriculture Society faded out of existence in 1813 (and lay dormant for 31 years). Many members claim that it is indeed the oldest as the Breconshire Society, which was formed earlier, lapsed during World War 2.


During those wartime years the Pembroke Farmers' Club kept the Red Cross going by raising considerable sums of money, over £1,000 on one occasion.



The Club was formed on August 9th.1817 at The Green Dragon, Pembroke. Lord Cawdor of Stackpole and Sir John Owen of Orielton were its leading promoters, but no copy of the Club rules can be found.


However, the rules of 1839 stated that membership should not be less than 1 Os 6d and not exceed 21 s Od. Every member, whose residence was within 10 miles of Pembroke town was fined 2s 6d for each non - attendance. The meetings were held alternately in The Green Dragon and Golden Lions Inns.


The Club was formed for "The encouragement and improvement of agriculture" and held many competitions, including incentives to farm workers. Some of the competitions, were for instance for the best ploughman, the greatest number of acres and best turnips cultivated on the drill system, more than five years service by male and female servants and to the labourer in husbandry who had reared the greatest number of children without parish aid.


Over the years several prizewinners at Pembroke have gone on to win national awards in all classes of livestock e.g. the Champion Welsh Ox at Pembroke, December 1850, raised by Captain Kindersley of Kilpaison, went on to win the supreme championship at Smithfield in December 1851, when it took a fortnight to take the animal by bullock cart to Smithfield.


In August 1902 King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra visited Pembroke and stayed at Brownslade; a reception was held at Monkton Priory in their honour. However, the vicar (a man of high principle) would not attend as the King had brought his mistress: Mrs. Keppel. Whilst travelling up the Dark Lane a carnage horse dropped dead, but another was quickly exchanged. It was said that the King did not notice as he was engrossed with Mrs. Keppel; believe it or not an ancestor of Camilla Parker-Bowles. After the King's death, some years later, the Club received a letter of thanks from Mr. Winston Churchill, then a lowly minister at the Home Office, for its letter of condolence.


Another encounter with Royalty was during World War 2, when two prominent members of the Club, the late Mr. E.C.Roberts of Loveston, (grandfather of three existing members) and the late Mr. George Woods of Wogaston (uncle of the current President of South Pembs YFC) were enjoying a night out at the Kings Arms Hotel in Pembroke. The landlord told them that there was a very important guest on the premises that evening from Castlemartin Camp : Major Bowes-Lyon, the then Queen's brother. Whereupon, George, with his large hunting horn in one hand, went across and put his other arm round the Major's shoulder and said "How's your sister?" Major Bowes-Lyon took it very well, saying "Very well thank you", adding, "How are your things on the farm?" "Oh" said George "my men have all been conscripted and I have only two land maids, and I have to get in a field of hay tomorrow. How ever we will manage I don't know". Next day, at midday, three flat bottomed army lorries and thirty soldiers appeared in the yard and soon had all the hay in!


There was great excitement in 1905 when a local horse, Kirkland won the Grand National. It was trained in Lawrenny by Mr. E. Thomas and had walked to Narberth station, prior to the race, en route for Liverpool. On its return it had to be stabled overnight at the Commercial Inn kept by Mr. Fred Thomas who charged the enthusiastic crowd 6d to see the horse, many of whom had won a fair packet on the horse at 6-1. The landlord later changed the name of the Kirkland Arms in the horse's honour.


The two grooms were George Legge, who won at the Olympic Games with his horse: Foxhunter. The other was Billy Smith, who got so drunk and knowing he would be sacked, turned his horse loose at the turn of Lawrenny hill and disappeared up the 'valleys' for a few years, before coming back to be mine host at the Railway Inn, Pembroke.


Officers of Pembroke Farmer's Club


(P) President   (VP) Vice President     (C) Chairman   (VC) Vice Chairman  (S)   Secretary   (JS) Joint Secretaries (A) Assistant Secretary



1817  (S)  John Jones (continued to 1863

1818-38 No information


1839  (P)  William Richards

  (VP)  John Adams, Holyland

  (S)  John Jones

1840  No information

1841  (C)   N A Roch, Paskeston

  (S)   T Butler

1842-44 No information

1845  (P)  Seymour P Allen, Cresselly

  (VP)  F T B Biddulph, Crrickmarren

1846  (C)  F T Biddulph, Crickmarren

1847  (C)  Edward Leach, Welston Court

1848  (C)  Robert Brough, Begelly

1849  (C)  Richard Ormond, Pembroke

1850  (C)  Thomas Lewis, Norchard


1851  (C)  James Byers, North Down

1852  (C)  Henry Leach, Corston

1853  (C)  John Adams, Holyland

1854  (C)  William Hulm, Pembroke

1855  (C)  G H Kindersley, Kilpaison

1856  (C)   Major Leach, Corston

1857  (C)  George Lort-Phillips, Lawrenny

1858  (C)  Thomas Stokes, Sunnyhill

1859  (C)  N Dunn, Elm Grove, Pembroke

1860  (C)  Isaac Williamson, Greenhill


1861  (C)  John Rees, Stackpole Home Farm and Longstone

1862  (C)  F L Clark, Pembroke

1863  (C)  George Lort-Phillips, Lawrenny

1864  (C)  J Leach, Ivy Towers

  (S)  J Ormond

1865  (C)  Lewis Mathias, Lamphey Court

  (S)  S Nicholas (continued to 1870)

1866  (P)  Earl Cawdor, Stackpole Court

  (C)  Tom Lewis, Norchard

1867  (C)  F L Clark, Pembroke

1869  (C)  N A Roch, Paskeston

  (S)  S Nicholas

  (AS)  Joseph Powell)


1870  (C)  Thomas Meyrick, MP, Bush

  (S)  Joseph Powell (continued to 1878)

1871  (C)  Captain Henry Leach, Corston

1872  (C)  Lewis Mathias, Lamphey Court

1873  (C)   N A Roch, Paskeston

1874  (C)  Captain Bowen Summers, Milton

1875  (C)  Captain H Adams, Holyland

1876  (C)  F I Clark, Pembroke

1877  (C)  C T Mousley, Pembroke

1878  (C)  Colonel Lambton, Brownslade

1879-80 (C)  R W B Mirehouse, The Hall, Angle

  (S)  T W Young (continued to 1891)


1881  (C)  N A Roch, Paskeston

1882  (C)  F Lort-Phillips, Lawrenny

1883  (C)  H G Allen, QC, MP, Paskeston

1884  (C)  Sir C E G Philipps, Bart, Picton

1885  (C)  Charles Mathias, Lamphey Court

1886  (C)  Lieutenant Colonel Leach, Corston

1887  (C)  Leiutenant Colonel Morgan Saurin, Orielton

  (VC)  Dr Morrison, Mayor of Pembroke

1888  (C)  Dr Morrison, Pembroke

1889  (C)  C W Stokes, Tenby

1890  (C)  W B Roberts, Loveston


1891  (P)  Earl Cawdor, Stackpole Court

  (C)  Reverend I G Lloyd, Bosherston

  (S)  T W Young

(AS)  C Sweet)

1892  (C)  Lieutenent Colonel Burleigh Leach, Corston

  (S)  C Sweet

1893  (C)  C W Rees Stokes, Tenby

  (S)  William Thomas

1894  (C)  R Llewellyn Griffiths,Merrion Court

  (S)   Richard Ormond (continued to 1904)

1895  (C)  Ivor Evans, Welston Court

1896  (C)  H S Allen, MFH, Cresselly

1897  (C)  W F Parcell, Lydstep

1898  (P)  Earl Cawdor, Stackpole Court

  (C)  Wynford Phillips, MP

1899  (C)  T P Mousley

1900  (C)  F Lort-Phillips, Lawrenny


1901  (C)  Colonel Morgan Saurin, Orielton

1902  (C)  J Griffiths, Penally

1903  (C)  Colonel F C Meyrick, Bush

1904  (C)  Herbert Jones, West Orielton

1905  (C)  Charles Mathias, Lamphey Court

  (S)  W Hitchings (continued to 1907)

1906  (C)  Tom Llewellyn, Flemington

1907  (C)  Colonel Ivor Philipps, DSO, Picton

1908  (C)  James Davies, Knowles

  (S)  Richard Ormond (continued to 1924)

1909  (C)  Robert Lock, Tenby

1910  (C)  B G Roberts, Lyserry


1911  (P)  F J Lort-Phillips, Lawrenny

  (C)  G Lort-Stokes, Tenby

1912  (C)  G Hitchings, Buckspool

1913  (C)  H A Jones-Lloyd, Pembroke

1914  (C)  W James, Milford Haven

1915  (C)  Dr Hurrell Style, Pembroke

(resigned, appointed to Army RAMC in WW1)

  (C)  W C Jones (replaced Dr Style)

1916  (C)  R Falconer, Stackpole

1917  (C)  Daniel Davies, Alleston

1918  (C)  W G Wynne, Mellaston

1919  (C)  Daniel Davies, Alleston

1920  (C)  W G Wynne, Mellaston


1921  (C)  T G Phelps, Cresselly

1922-23 (C)  Captain H Allen, Cresselly

1924  (C)  W H Davies, Sampson

1925-26 (P)  General Sir F C Meyrick, Bush

  (C)  General Sir Burleigh Leach, Corston

  (S)  Major J A Roch

(AS)  Captain W E Thomas, MBE

1927  (C)  T J Hughes, Pwllcrochan

  (S)  Captain W E Thomas (continued to 1954)

1928-29 (C)  E Simon, Pembroke

1930  (C)  W J Maddocks, Warren


1931  (C)  Mrs N Seymour-Allen, Paskeston

1932  (P)  General Sir Burleigh Leach, CB, CMG, CVO, Corston

  (C)  Howard Davies, Crickmarren

  (VC)  Colonel C A Lambton,Brownslade

1933  (C)  Major R C E Barclay, St Florence

1934  (C)  Joseph Gibby, Bierspool

1935  (C)  F E Greathead, Pembroke

1936  (C)  Joseph Morris, Somerton

1937  (P)  General Sir Ivor Philipps, KCB, DSO, Cosheston Hall

  (C)  Sir Thomas Meyrick, Bush

1938  (C)  L M G Russell, Yerbeston

1939-40 (C)  A W Gutch, Angle


1941-45 (P)  N A Roch, Paskeston

  (C)  T W Colley, Ashleigh, Pembroke

  (VC)  W Griffiths, Woodsend

1946-47 (P)  T W Colley, Ashleigh, Pembroke

  (C)  E C Roberts, Loveston

1948  (P)  Mrs Allen-Mirehouse, Angle Hall

  (C)  J Saunders, Strawberry Hill

1949  (C)  Major J A Roch, Pembroke

1950  (C)  J L Morris, Brownslade


1951  (C)  W R Simon, Pembroke

1952  (C)  G W Paish, Corseside

1953  (C)  Stanley Neale, MC, Upton Castle

  (S)  Captain W E Thomas, MBE

(AS)  A W Thomas)

1954  (P)  Stanley Neale, MC, Upton Castle

  (C)  J W Morris,Bowett

  (JS)  Captain W E Thomas, MBE

(JS)  A W Thomas

1955-56 (C)  Edward Gibby, Upton Farm

  (S)  A W Thomas (continued to 1979)

1957  (C)  Ivor Mathias, Norchard

1958  (C)  A E Whitelock, Pembroke

1959  (C)  E J Griffiths, Herberts Moor

1960  (C)  John Mendus, Pembroke


1961  (C)  J M Davies, West Moor

1962  (C)  O  F Lowless, Pembroke

1963  (C)  J G Phelps, Pembroke

1964  (C)  T Vincent Williams, Red Down

1965  (C)  E P M Drewett, Pembroke

1966  (C)  E M Griffiths, St Petrox

1967  (C)  E Williams, Pembroke

1968  (C)  T John James, Sampson

1969  (C)  J R Bennion, Stackpole

1970  (C)  Joe D Roberts, Merrion Court


1971  (C)  D J Harries, Hayes

1972  (P)  Edward Gibby, Nash

  (C)  P L Russell, Yerbeston

1973  (C)  D A Jones, Pembroke

1974  (C)  K S Rees, West Jordanston

1975  (C)  J B Russell,Pembroke

1976  (C)  J W H Morris, Brownslade

1977  (C)  M C Whitelock, Pembroke

1978  (C)  I J Thomas, Castleton

1979 ` (C)  W W Morris,Bowett

1980  (P)  E M Griffiths, St Petrox

  (C)  G L Mathias, Summerton

  (S)  Graham Evans (resigned in June)

(S)  Barrie Thomas (appointed in July)


1981  (C)  Gerry Hudson, Pembroke

  (S)  Barrie Thomas (continued to 1983)

1982  (C)  John Dean, Crickmarren

1983  (P)  D J Harries, Hayes

  (C)  Lloyd Griffiths, Herberts Moor

1984  (C)  R G Phillips, Windsor

  (S)  Graham George (continued to 1985)

1985  (C)  J O Hall, Winters Hall (died during term of office)

1986  (P)  Tom Kilcoyne, Bangeston

  (C)  J R Phillips, Portclew

  (S)  Mrs Muriel Thomas (continued to 2000)

1987  (C)  Gwyn Jones, Brotherhill

1988  (C)  R D Gwyther, Castlemartin

1989  (P)  T John James, Mellaston

  (C)  Norman John, Lowlands

1990  (C)  D R John, Lammaston


1991  (C)  R R Minchin, Manorbier Newton

1992  (P)  R G Phillips, Lamphey

  (C)  K G Davies,  Westmoor

1993  (C)  David Colley, Pembroke

1994  (C)  S G Hathway, Middle Hill

1995  (P)  R D Gwyther, Castlemartin

  (C)  S A Monson, Pembroke

1996  (C)  A G Davies, Welston

1997  (P)  J B Russell, Pembroke

  (C)  David Phillips, Windsor

1998  (C)  George John, Windsor Hill

1999  (P)  P L Russell, MBE, Marledge

  (C)  Andrew Mathias, Hazelbrook

2000  (C)  Michael Colley, Freshwater East


2001    (P)    J W H Morris, Brownslate

            (C)    Steve Alderman, Castlemartin

            (JS)  Mrs Caroline Llewellyn (continued to 2005)

  (JS)  Mrs E C Minchin

 2002  (C)  Steve Alderman

2003  (P)    G L Mathias, MBE, Summerton

            (C)    Charles Clewett, Tenby

2004  (C)   J  Halsted,  Pembroke

2005   (P)    K G Davies, Westmoor

            (C)   E F R Morris, Loveston

2006    (C)    Peter Rees,  Park Wall

2006 (S)  Mrs E C Minchin, Newton Lodge (continued to 2019)

        (AS)   Mrs K John, Lammaston (continued to 2019)

2007    (P)    S G Hathway, Middle Hill

            (C)    P J Morris, Bsc., Goldborough

2008    (C)    Dr J A O’Connor, Cosheston

2009    (P)    David Colley, Ashleigh, Pembroke

            (C)   J L  Purser,  Portclew

2010    (C)    Mrs R Prout,  Rowston


2011    (P)    D  R John, Lammaston

            (C)    J B Kilcoyne. Bangeston

2012    C)    Philip Price, Fopson

2013    (P)    Harold James, Stackpole

            (C)    Mrs Margot  Bateman, OBE, Orielton

2014    (C)    J  Frazer, Sunnyhill

2015    (P)    R R Minchin, Manorbier Newton

            (C)   T G Watkins,  Maidenwells

2016    (C)   J A Hughes,  Manorbier Newton

2017    (P)  E F R Morris, Loveston

       2017     (C)   R J Prout,  Rowston

2019   (C)  C H James, Sampson

2019 (P) Mr H G L Woods, Neath

2019 (C) Mr E F R Morris, Loveston

2019 (S) Mrs Pam Davies, Manorbier

2020 (C) Mr Huw Proser, Portclew


NB: The above information has been collected from old minute books, catalogues, schedules and newspaper cuttings.  It has been transcribed to the best of our ability, but please accept any errors or omissions.



Pembroke Farmer's Club

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For the encouragement & improvement of agriculture


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