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Show Rules


  1. That all entries for competition be made to the Secretary on the printed forms supplied by him, which must be accompanied by the proper fees.
  2. No prizes will be awarded in any class where the Judge considers the exhibits are below standard of merit.
  3. No Bulls above the age of 10 months will be allowed in the Show Ground unless properly secured by ring and rope.
  4. All exhibits must be bona fide property of the Exhibitor, except in Y.F.C. calf classes.
  5. Any Exhibitor who shall be found guilty of fraudulent practices at the Show will be disqualified and shall forfeit all or any Cups, Prizes or Honours that may have been awarded to him or her at the Show, in addition to entrance fees, and shall be liable to be prohibited temporarily or permanently from exhibiting at any of the Society's Shows, or may suffer such alternative penalty as the Committee may see fit to inflict.
  6. No Steward exhibiting any animal shall be allowed in the ring when his/her animal is being judged.
  7. Exhibitors of HORSES should familiarize themselves with any rules or guidance notes issued by the appropriate authority or society which control the particular activity and they must comply with these standards.
  8. Any objection to any exhibit must be made in writing and handed to the Secretary, accompanied by a deposit of £10.00, within 48 hours of the close of the Show. In the event of such objection being frivolous, the deposit will be forfeited to the funds.
  9. All exhibits must be in the Show Field by 9.00 am. All animals to remain in Show Field until after the parade in the ring; other exhibits until 5pm. Anyone breaking this Rule shall forfeit all prize money won.
  10. One person only to be admitted Free with exhibits of livestock.
  11. The Committee, Secretary and Landowner will not be answerable or responsible for any loss or damage that may happen to exhibits, or person in charge, either going to or from, or at, or during the Show. They will not be responsible for any printer's error in the Schedule or Catalogue.
  12. All handlers or owners in charge of stock will be subject to orders of the Stewards and any person or owner disobeying such orders will be liable to be fined or expelled from the Show Field.
  13. Exhibitors may state on Entry Form the price at which they are prepared to sell their exhibits.
  14. The Committee has the power to settle any matter which may arise and is not covered by the foregoing rules.
  15. All cups to be returned by the 30th June the following year.


The Committee, Secretary and Landowner will under no consideration hold themselves responsible for any loss, accident, or deterioration in the value to stock or attendants at the Show.


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Pembroke Farmer's Club

Established 1817


For the encouragement & improvement of agriculture


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